There are some elements of our service delivery that we are passionate about–and that contribute to stronger, more lasting results in our engagements.

Business Design
Tools and Frameworks

  • Complete set of strategy frameworks
  • Strategic Finance and M&A techniques
    • Valuation
    • Strategic Fit and Rationale
    • Integration Planning
  • Applied microeconomics and economic simulation methods
  • Architectural Methods: Archimate, TOGAF & BIZBOK
  • Systems Thinking and Holistic Business Improvement Methods
    • Six Sigma/Lean
    • Theory of Constraints
    • Systems Dynamics
    • Interactive Planning

Enterprise Technology

  • CSC CATALYST, ADM, and other methodologies
    • Requirements
    • Process Re-design
    • Business and Application Architecture
  • BPMN 2.0 & UML symbolic languages
  • Design of cloud computing / SaaS offerings
  • Extensive, direct Big Data experience
  • Oracle Data Modeler, Erwin & BPwin
  • PMBOK for Project Management
  • BIZBOK for Business Architecture
  • Kimball warehousing theory
  • Offering Management Lifecycle
  • Application Architecture Layer and upwards

Analytics and
Business Intelligence

  • Deep Experience in Developing Dashboards, Reports, and Queries
  • Primary mindeset is to begin BI with what is already available
  • Deep data design experience
  • Experts in Excel Model development, testing, and deployment to users
  • Analytica model development
  • Statistics Software (SAS, Minitab)
  • PowerBI, Tableau, and other Visualization Packages
  • Experience building Sharepoint dashboards
  • Data Governance Principles