Specializing in spreadsheet applications that are beautifully impossible and impossibly beautiful.

and Forms

Data and Statistical Analysis

Formulas and Consolidation

Formatting and Power Features

  • Deep automation, fully skilled in Visual Basic
  • Office Automation across all MS products
  • DLL / Addin programming
  • In-workbook forms and data entry
  • Automation utilizing the object models of non-MS applications (latest example is pushing data into the object model of an architecture repository I manage for Bank of America)

  • Database integrations, data retrieval, and leveraging the Excel Data Model
  • PowerPivot and Multi-table pivot analysis
  • Programmatic Monte Carlo simulation
  • Statistical analysis and commonsense statistical presentation
  • Six Sigma / Lean analysis
  • Multivariate optimization
  • Extended analytics using PowerBI, Tableau, Microstrategy, and Business Objects

  • Bulletproof (non-positional) lookups and referencing
  • Multi-function array formulas
  • Custom function programming, referencing, and usage
  • Complex formulaic spreadsheet consolidations
  • Excel memory / calculation optimization

  • Exceptional intuitive and professional formatting
  • Expert use of:
    • Conditional formatting
    • Sparklines
    • Names
    • Tables
    • Data tables for what-if, 
    • Solver
    • Worksheet consolidation